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some hfemale psychology

Hi , miss you a lot as usually , its pity you are not present here .
What do you think about friendship after love relationships , how do you think , is it possible or no? What is nature of this friendship , what is underlying reasons of this friendship ? Is this desire to keep emotional contact of yours friendly parts or just human desire do not hurt your partner much ? Anyway what do you think about it.

Reality , why does the woman keep in touch with ex partners , wraps it in friendship. Psychological point of view on this question is desire of one partner to control life and new relations of ex partner , possibility to prove something to ex partner ( and to yourself too ), like yours relations was better , she was better match for him , it was a mistake to broke relations etc. So psychologist do not believe in friendship after relations , they think that that is just a way how people overcome the break of relationships with dignity,. Sincere friendship is possible when both partners are satisfied with their lives after relations , satisfied with their new partners. In other case they does not trust to this kind of friendship , and think this friendship is highly unlikely. Otherwise , when one partner is nor satisfied with life , she/he keep offended by ex partner , it makes friendship unilateral.

So its easy for me to understand R and M , I am sure they like ,, love and respect you a lot , just they want to get more free space and opportunities to be successful in their personal lives. I an sure they will come back to friendship with you when they will realize yourselves and will feel satisfied…. Of course if it is friendship , not just a desire to get you back to relationships. But I am sure you know it without me.

This why I usually do not keep any relations with my ex partners . But all this thoughts about you makes me thinking about my relations . I had call from my Big love ( boss) , with invitation to spend few days on the resort .Where we met each other. I want to take this adventure , but it make me thinking , do I need it really , why do I want it , For what do I do it etc. I am sure I do not have love feelings about him . But I want to meet him , to talk to him. And I do not realize myself , why I want to meet him if I do not have any feelings or plans about him? Do I want just to melt , massage my ego if he regret about broke of relations ? So I am in a trouble a bit .To be psychologist means to be stronger yourself , I do pretend to be , but sometimes I am not ready to be stronger or do not want to be stronger . Life is so difficult sometimes , how to keep myself in peace …. ? I do not know . Eternal question , how to make your mind the boss of myself and to keep myself in peace , will it life or just parody ? what do you think?


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