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eturnal love

Everything changes , years flies away , cities becomes a dust and builds again , And only love never changes , love presents forever .

I can tell we all are fascinated with wonderful fairy tales about beautiful love and their heroes from the childhood.. We feels with heroes when they are separated with all hardships , we are glad when heroes wins and charms princess And we do not pay attention that all fairy tales comes to end after wedding and words about they lived long and happily. And what after wedding? This is really common question .

Most of fairy tales have happy final with pictures of family happiness , love merge and unification of hearts , and there are nothing here to wish . SO we have very clear norms and image of true love from childhood , we brings it into our lives . Because we were grown with fairy tales where the most thing in life is to find true , eternal , mutual love , your second half. It force us to define point where we will be absolutely happy and satisfied it make us thinking – the most important thing is to find true , eternal love and you will be happy for the rest of your life. Fairy tales makes us thinking it you lose your love feelings then it was not true love , because the true love is eternal. So is that myth about true eternal love?
In my opinion this myth broke too many lives. Should we create new myths and fairy tales about love…?
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